Saturday, May 16, 2020

America 1900 essays

America 1900 articles America in the year 1900: prosperous, dynamic, idealistic, a pioneer, on the forefront of instruction, and confronted with awful disaster. When contrasted and America today, its hard to not see resemblance. Today, we are on the bounce back with the conviction that things will show signs of improvement, and we are as yet a world chief. We are likewise also confronted with horrendous catastrophe, the most noticeably terrible fear based oppressor episode in our countrys history. The nation today does, nonetheless, vary from itself in the year 1900 from multiple points of view. Today we are all the more mechanically, socially, and mentally progressed. Things that individuals during the 1900s idea should never be possible, have been. The occasions of the year 1900 have us to the year 2002. One approach to contrast America in 1900 with America today is to take a gander at the presidents. In 1900, the president was William McKinley. McKinley was a mild-mannered man, much like our leader George Bush is today. On New Years Day, McKinley held the customary open house gathering. Today, having the White House open like that would be unbelievable. Another significant distinction is the security at the White House. During the night in 1900 there was just one watchman on the job who regularly resigned early. Watchmen are on alert nonstop in the current day. The two presidents, in any case, do have comparative concerns. Psychological warfare was a danger in the year 1900 similarly as it is today. The psychological oppressors may not be the equivalent (Anarchists versus Al-Qaeda), yet the risk was and is there. The economy is a steady concern among the two presidents. Every one of them knows and realized that individuals vote by their wallets. Another key likeness is every preside nt associations with enormous business. McKinley got to know J.P. Morgan, a notorious representative with more cash than the U.S. treasury, and Bush has ties with Enron, the now old vitality organization. Just by looking to the presidents in each time associations can be seen. America was continually changing experimentally and tech... <!

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